Full Line of Frequency Components. Simple Microprocessor Crystals and Clock Oscillators through High Performance and High Stability Oscillators.



Resistive Product Solutions , High Voltage Chips, Anti-Surge, Ceramic Boat, Fusable Wire Wounds, Hi Volt Metal Glaze, High Pulse Power, Anti-Corrosive Tantalum Nitride Replacement.                                                                                      www.SEIelect.com

Central Semiconductor

Small Signal Transistors, Bipolar Power Transistors, Diodes, Small Signal MOSFETs & Junction FETs, Current Limiting Diodes, Transient Voltage Supressors (TVS), Rectifiers (General Purpose, Shottky & Ultra Fast). Bridge Rectifiers, Thyristors.



Opto Electronic Division - Visible and Infrared discrete LED solutions, 7 segment and bar graph display, Optocouplers, smart sensing LED’s, Custom LED solutions.  www.us.liteon.com/opto 


Discrete Components
Audio Rec/Amplifiers

Our Rep Firm is focused on helping your Company be successful with design and manufacturing support.  


The A/D Sales staff has worked for decades with some of the largest Companies in the World, providing both design and delivery support for leading edge Analog, Mixed Signal and Digital Component lines. 


A/D Sales

A/D Sales


GaN HEMTs (FETs) 600V  varying packages and Power ratings.                                                                              www.TransphormUSA.com


Multilayer Polymer (MLP) Film Capacitors. Cap values from 0.1uF to 50uF and 50VDC to 500VDC. Quencharc(R) RC Networks - RC Networks used extensively in Industrial applications using inductive loads like relays, solenoid valves, motor controls etc.                                                                                          www.paktron.com


32 Bit Arm Cortex M0 MCUs, 32 Bit 8051 Replacements, Audio and Voice CODECs, Digital ChipCorder Playback and REcord ICs, Precision ADCs, CLASS AB and  D Audio



AC/DC Desktop and Wall Adapter Power Supplies, Open Frame /Medically Approved. DC/DC Converters including SMBUS Isolated Bricks and POLs, Incremental/Absolute Encoders, Power Jacks and Plugs, Speakes/Buzzers, LED Drivers, Microphones


Displays / WIFI


Analog and Mixed SIgnal - Display Source/Gate Drivers with TIming control  , MOSFETs Power Modules - LED Drivers, DC-DC,  AC-DC Converters  -     Sensors - Temp/Humidity Compass Hall Effect  


Orient display

leading LCD manufacturer and total solution provider. Custom monochrome, character and graphic LCDs, TFT up to 12", resistive and capacitive (PCAP) touch panels, customized backlights and FPC connectors, etc. Consumer , Automotive to Rugged industrial. Orient Display ensures 100% satisfaction    www.orientdisplay.com  

Manufacturers Representative


Ultra Low Power 802.11 a/b/g/n modules, suite of embedded and serial WIFI software, complete solutions and development kits. 


3d plus

Space Qualified Memory, POLs, Interfaces and Peripherals. Mil spec SSDs and Memory. CUstom SIP packaging and Radiation Assurance - Micro CCD Camera Heads



Build to print Switch Mode Power Transformers, Inductors, Current Sense Transformers, DC/DC, Planar and Telecom Magnetics.